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14 museums, the old neighbourhoods, many activities and sightseeing to discover by public transports. Fribourg Tourism wishes you wonderful discoveries.

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Enchanting city, founded in 1157 by Duke Berthold IV Zaehringen, nestled in the meanders of its river, the Sarine, Fribourg is recognized as one of the finest examples of medieval architecture in Europe.

The Fribourg City Card offers you the opportunity to discover these treasures, 14 museums and many activities. With the City Card you travel freely on public transport throughout the area 10 of Frimobil network.

We wish you great discoveries!


The City Card

The FRIBOURG CITY CARD is available all year.

It is accompanied by a city map, locating the cultural and tourist attractions, bus stops, hotels and points of views.
The museums are closed on Mondays, it is more advantageous to use the card from Tuesday to Sunday.

Some activities are only available during summer: tourist train, the tower of the Cathedral, the pool Motta and the Gottéron tiny railway.

Important information about the winter season: the following activities are not available: little train, tower of the Cathedral, Motta pool and the tiny train of the Gottéron Valley.

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